#Paceblog Collaborative Post – Top 10 Album Covers


December 18, 2012 by finetuningblog

Guest Writer: Ashley Dandridge of Hashtag

Dangerous – Michael Jackson
I have not the slightest clue, in the holiest name, what is going on here.  This is the most Michelangelo-ed Sistine Chapel-ed album cover I’ve ever seen.  However, in the end, I guess you don’t have to understand something to appreciate it.  And if you are trying to understand it this may help you. Exceptional cover art!

The Mix Up – The Beastie Boys
This is a fun music-driven cover with a lot of gimmicks to ponder.  It seems to be a complex musical equation that somehow equals the Beastie Boys. Not bad guys – very clever!

Dookie – Green Day
I’m not too sure what is happening on this cover, but it looks absolutely insane and explosive – kind of like them.  It’s like reading a comic and looking for Waldo all at once. Great art!

Overexposed – Maroon 5
I’m honestly not a huge fan of this album (musically), but when I saw this cover I said “Yes, I see where you spent most of your time, in the art studio … not the recording one”. It’s rare you see modern and funky covers on albums nowadays. I’m for one am happy they are bringing the art back into this industry. Thanks MV!

Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd
There’s no way you’ve never seen this prism before.  This iconic logo, this album cover needs no introduction – it’s simple, and it’s simply that good! Rock on!

I’d like to extend a huge special thanks to Ashley for co-writing this post with me.


Abbey Road – the Beatles

If you want to talk about an iconic album cover, Abbey Road is where it’s at. It’s a must have for any record collector, and it’s arguably the Beatles at their best (then again, the Beatles were ALWAYS at their best.)

Year of the Black Rainbow – Coheed and Cambria

Now, I’m a Coheed lover, but this isn’t a biased selection. The vinyl edition of this album has AMAZING art. There is an intense, abstract landscape situation going on the inside of the album jacket. Unfortunately, I don’t own a physical copy of the CD, so I don’t know if it has the exact the same layout as the vinyl. But at any rate, it’s a must-see.

More Skin With Milk-Mouth – Giraffes? Giraffes!

Now, if you’re looking for a WTF album cover, stop here. I found it for you. It is incredibly drawn, and has a crazy amount of depth to it. Fully equipped with waves, lady bugs, a centipede…thing, whales, eye balls and strawberries, there’s really no word to describe this cover other than “Whoa.”

Bad Luck – Trophy Scars

Trophy Scars is one of my favorite bands, look them up if you like good music. But words can’t describe how much I dig their sound, or how much I dig their album artwork.

Led Zeppelin I

This is another iconic album cover that had to join the party. Depicting the Hindenburg exploding over New Jersey, this album cover has been immortalized in many enthusiasts’ collections, vintage t-shirts and now on Fine Tuning.

What is your favorite album art? Let me know in the comments below.



2 thoughts on “#Paceblog Collaborative Post – Top 10 Album Covers

  1. Eric Fortier says:

    Sweet Lou,
    Interesting choices here! I think you need to consider two more that might have slipped under your radar! Jane’s Addiction’s Nothing’s Shocking and Ritual De lo Habitual are absolute works of art! Perry Farrell is an Artist as well as a musician and created both covers himself. One is a photo he took of live models and the other he made physically. I would have included photos here but they are explicit. But do check them out!

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