Making a ‘Fine’ Metal Record (January 7, 2013)

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January 8, 2013 by finetuningblog

“I wanna know what goes on in your head. It’s like a thousand little elves running around with staffs, making our musical lives a world of fuck.”

That’s word for word what my bass player, AJ said to me in reference to a part I wrote in 15/4 time signature. Welcome to my new series of blog posts: Making a “Fine” Metal Record.

AJ and I started writing this album about a year ago. It was an amazing thing for us, since work, school, and scheduling issues had basically put our friendship on hold. So we got together one day, and I asked him if he wanted to record bass for a project. He said yes, and it’s been bromance (again) ever since then.

So I threw a few ideas together, and we began recording. They sounded decent, but it was the quality time that really mattered. Fast forward a year, and now we’re using Reaper, Superior Drummer, Quad-tracked guitars, and serious EQ techniques. But the bromance is still the number one priority.

This blog is meant to track the levels of bro, awesomeness, and insanity that goes into the recording process, especially when it comes down to two guys doing everything themselves.

More to come soon.


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